Should i focus my 45 minute workout on my arms or my abs?

what should the focus of my workouts be, my arms or my abs?


#1 neggandbattlemaster

Arms. Abs can ALWAYS wait, small muscle group, tire easily, recover quickly, hard to see unless you’ve stripped a lot of weight off.

#2 crkrjx

you don’t have to limit yourself to one area of the body, 45 minutes is plenty of time to work your entire body… most importantly, you need cardio… to work your heart, the most important muscle in your body

#3 paige

Alternate. Dedicate one day for arms, another for abs, and one even for legs. Then put a few cardio sessions in too.

#4 neverbackaway

You need to change it up….

Examples: Bicep and Back, Tricep and Chest, Quads/Hamstrings, Shoulders and Traps…you can do Abs on anyday

#5 SubJ

Whatever be ur aim?

#6 Jason M

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#7 Yanny K

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#8 Bee

Arms would probably be better to start with, because they are (normally) more visible to people than your stomach. But, if you do abs twists with a 12 lb medicine ball, that could work both. You know, get the ball, and lift it up and down over your head as you twist from left to right. It works!

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