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(0:24)- New Video Logo! (0:53)- I LIKE everything! (1:29)- Ask Scott & Sean Episode 10 (2:18)-Tuesday Tune-Up! (3:12)- Dumbbell “At Home” Full Body BURNOUT Workout! (3:44)- Saturday Exercise Explosion (4:38)- Sears Fit Studio: (5:40)- Fan Art Winner! (5:59)- Studio Walkthrough! (6:15)- Book Update: 4-Hour Body (6:29)- FREE iPod Nano! (6:55)- SEARS Fit Studio Article (7:11)- AIDS/LifeCycle Donation: Check out for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most supportive and fastest growing community on facebook! Check out my Routines & Tips on the SEARS FitStudio page! :) iPhone App! Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition BSN Check out my Meal Plan!: TRX Follow me on Twitter!


#1 superchick017

what a fag hes puny im fucking bigger then he is keep pumping ur self full of water weight bro lol

#2 superchick017

what a fag hes puny im fucking bigger then he is

#3 mahilaniv

What’s your height and weight?

#4 dragonboy3293

nice abs

#5 tim1106

stomach vacuum pose please!

#6 MrBukch

hav u got a vid of u competing ??

#7 Gandon95

@ScottHermanFitness Im glad I use your exercise programms, because I saw you replied, and almost just had a heart attack! :D

#8 jabskater21

@EryahJames88 You sir, just needs to leave with you’re negative talk. And you call him gay, yet you’re sitting here calling a guy honey bunny and that you love me, you sir are the real queer. Now leave before you put more embarrassment on you’re life.

#9 DannDMC

@Carlosjca209 Ur Best To Wait Untill the DOMS go away Because their a Sign that ur Muscles are Still Rebuilding.. It wont Make them Bigger any Faster

#10 EryahJames88

@jabskater21 They got removed because scott is closeted not because they were wrong honey bunny!

#11 jabskater21

@EryahJames88 Just keep talking that’s why you’re comment was removed cause no one likes you. So go back to you’re moms basement and eat more cheese burgers.

#12 uaegre8

Hey bro , whts your daily food
am takin lipo6x for geting like your body
is this way is okay

#13 jcube34

Are you sponsored by BSN? because i noticed all their supplements in the background.

#14 abcharmed

uhm…how do i say this…
uhm it looks like you haven’t slept because your eyes are darker i mean the skin around your eyes are darker…ahh, you get my point? lol
and you look chubbier…though you still look good.
and i hate myself not getting too much exercise now since i have a new job last sucks, i feel like i have no time at all.

#15 YoungHeavyGRider

@ScottHermanFitness hahahahahah!!!!

#16 Carlosjca209

Hey Scott just had a Question.. Usually when I work out My muscles get sour for about a week.. So I wonder if its ok to workout while im still sour?

#17 pacokiwi

are those things around your waist small hand loves????

first time I see something like that on your always perfect physique

#18 EryahJames88

@OmgITZdno GURRRRL if you expect me to believe someone like yourself, who is subscribed to Scott Shirtless Lisp Herman ISNT GAY?! Lets Not kid ourselves here! He’s gay, your gay, I’m gay, and gay is OKAY pahahahahah you fell right into that one

#19 OmgITZdno

@EryahJames88 Gay

#20 EryahJames88

I think you are about to hit puberty!!!! I can hear it in your voice!

#21 EryahJames88

@OmgITZdno Plz insert ur cock in my mouth!

#22 OmgITZdno

@EryahJames88 Nice grammar….

#23 thereecious

It’s sunday? According to Rebecca Black it’s Friday

#24 SuperDeadromance

scott its awesome how u always set everyones comments straight

#25 willE84

Why are you so friggin’ SEXY man? It’s just so ridiculous!!!! I mean, how is anybody supposed to take anything you say seriously, when you’re distractingly beautiful? It ain’t right man….

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