Seventeen Workout for great abs?

Can someone please scan or tell me the exact moves on what to do for the great ABS. There was a whole workout just for your abs in a Seventeen Magazine, but I lost it somehow. Please help. Thanks.


#1 me :)

no offense, but the seventeen workouts arent very good. i suggest lots of sit ups, crunches and side crushes. tabletops are great for core muscles (push up position but rest on your fore-arms and keep your back straight for 30 seconds at a time).

#2 Dan

I am no so sure about seventeen magazine, and I’m not sure if I recommand it!
But here are some good exercises you can try;

Sit ups: Please note that sit-ups can be a strenuous activity on the lower back. Understanding how to get a six pack and not damage yourself in the process is critical. Do not strain yourself; build up this type of exercise slowly. Twisting during this exercise (left elbow to right knee) is NOT effective and put the lower back under tremendous stress. If you feel even the slightest twinge, then stop.
In order to strengthen your abs, care and technique are necessary. Effective sit-ups need to pull the torso towards the knees from a lying position only using the abdominal group of muscles. If you have your legs straight on the floor then more powerful muscles in the legs will do most of the work.
To counteract this you should bend your knees while sitting up and so make the abdominal muscles feel the burn. If you gather a momentum you will not be working the muscles effectively. Only by slowly raising and lowering will you achieve the best results.

Leg lifts: The challenge with this exercise is to keep your legs straight and not to let your feet touch the floor.
Lie of the floor with your hands by your sides. Keeping your legs straight lift them to 90 Degree and back down but to do allow then to touch the ground, repeat back to the 90 degrees position.

Jacknife Sit-ups: Discover how to get a six pack the hard way with this intense workout.
Start as you would in the position to do sit-ups with your hands at your sides.
Without bending your knees, simultaneously lift you legs in the air and your head and shoulder so that your whole body makes a V-shape. If you can manage it the try to touch your toes.
Then relax and go back to the starting position.

V-ups: This exercise requires good balance and strong core muscles. It can be performed on a bench but can also be carried out on a mat on the floor(but don’t let those legs touch the floor).
Bending your knees, simultaneously lift your legs and your torso so they form a V as you can see from the photo. Then go back to the relax position, during this exercise you arms should remain horizontal.

The Static hold: Get into the push-up position but with your forearms touching the ground. Make sure your body is a straight line from your shoulders down to your toes and hold that position for a minimum of 1 minute.
This exercise strengthen your core abdominal muscles. Repeat this exercise more and more as you strengthen the core muscles.
Understanding how to get a six pack through strengthening your core muscles is key to achieving great abs!

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