Pre-Workout Warm Up Exercise Routine This is the warm up exercise routine that I go through before each workout. This will get the blood flowing and prepare your body for your weight training workout. Great for preventing injury and warming up sore muscles.


#1 LogWaft

Kinda awkward but I don’t have most of that equipment.

#2 TheGrandMasterGamers

Hey im 14 years old and i bench 70 and lift 30. wen ever im dum liftin singlely on my arms i get a sharp pain near my wrist so i was wonderin if u have any tips for me on how to prevent that. also im only 5,5 so do u have any tips on a way of how my growth wont get stunned? plz reply

#3 LyOnS409

@leemhayward Ok thanks alot.

#4 leemhayward

No, in fact the opposite is true. If you go into your workouts with cold muscles you are more likely to get injured.

#5 leemhayward

Rest up for a few days and see how you feel. You maybe able to go back to working out light and just gradually build your way back up. Basically just listen to your body, if an exercise hurts, don’t do it.

#6 LyOnS409

Hi Ive just come across this video after I pulled muscles in my arms while doing weights at gym Yesterday. I’m only just starting out at the gym and as my arms are In some pain should I rest them properly or just go back to the gym and after seeing this video and realizing I’m not warming up properly should I just warm up and take it easier until there fine again?

#7 p0k3sMoT42o

Wouldn’t doing rotator cuff exercises before your workout put you at risk for shoulder injuries since those stabilizing muscles will be pre-fatigued?

#8 bkedp

Great video, saved straight to “favorites”. I’m always looking for various ideas on pre exercise warm ups. Thanks Lee!

#9 chickenisbomb

lol @ setting records

#10 rythmdivine619

take care

#11 chevyboi420

maybe it is you whos the idiot to ASSUME that just because not as many people watch the warmup video that they actually dont do any form of warm up before a workout?
Further more i dont see why you care if people get hurt becuase they dont warm up..
i could be wrong, just throwin it out there.. not to mention the fact that there about 1000 “warm up” video’s on youtube..

just my opinion tho. =)

#12 CaptianAwesome

You can tell most youtubers are idiots because his pre-workout warm up video has 33k views and his bicep video has 215k

#13 NorthShorehomesales

great stuff Lee! Thanks!

#14 Flankr7


#15 chris2dbone

a buff steve-o!!!

#16 fitking1988

Nice video! I think its a great way to prevent a injury due to warming your body before putting it through physical stress!

#17 ano1871

damn he looks like steve-o

#18 dunknG

@videomasterf i know im not the one you’re talking to but do you mean 10 reps or sets of each

#19 videomasterf

@shivaabc318 do heavier weights if you want bigger muscles your toned if you have the cuts or your normal or close to being underweight if you want bigger muscles your going to lose some of the definition of your muscles when you get our desired amount of muscle use babyweights like 10-15 pounds and do serveral sets of 10 or so to tone your arms or which ever your working out to get your stuff back to the cuts

#20 jesuisunique1

Sorry I met a warmup

#21 jesuisunique1

Can you recommend a workout when you’re at home and not at the gym?

#22 shivaabc318

man am 16 yrs old veg boy with 58kg i have the cuts but the muscles dont bulge suggest a gud exercise

#23 leemhayward

Always start off light and do several progressively heavier warm up sets.

#24 alex2311

Lee, how do you warm up for bench press and other exercises, please ? I mean, do you start your bench press with low weights on the barbell and then you add more until your regular weight ? Or do you start directly at your regular weight ?

#25 jibikao

This is awesome pre-workout routine! Thanks.

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