Personal Trainers: What is a good workout for legs, lower abs, and inner thighs?

I wanna tone my legs (fat loss) but i have bad knees. Is there a certain type of exercise i can do?


#1 Lili K


#2 rookie35m

Squats. Done correctly, they do not stress your knees. Get on a glucosamine/chondroitan supplement. Takes care of my knee problems in about two weeks.

#3 rabidwolf72

spinning can be a little harsh when it come to bad knees. Look into elliptical’s, do lots of walking, NO running. If you can i strongly suggest swimming it’s great for your entire body and very low impact on joints. Also look into a Swiss fitness ball there are a lot of simple exercises you can do that won’t hurt your knees. If you can’t do that just stick with mat exercises you want to stay away from machines and weights at all cost. Start with some leg lefts and stand hip ab and adductions, then go from there

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