number 1 ab workout routine

If you want your abs to look amazing and fast check it out here 8 minute abs abs abs workout 8 min abs hip hop abs female abs six pack abs ab workout pilates abs 6 pack abs ripped abs eight minute abs 7 minute abs abs cbn 8 minute arms lower abs fake abs girl abs 8 minute buns…


#1 thepancakeshop


#2 weedyak

this does work i use to be fat now iv got my six pack

#3 yeyeee01

Now that s a situation!

#4 Gilly4566

Would have got more done if you were breathing when you are exerting force..

#5 gigo221

what is he eathing that?? nice vid!

#6 elcapoinca

@Tigerpaws9097826 course it would.what u havent realized is that these guys at this point of the video are in competition shape (on-season).this is not an all-year-round physique you see here. at the point of this shoot, that guy has been strict dieting for the las 3 to 4 months and at this point his levels of energy and body fat percentage are very low.thats why they power-walk in an inclined trreadmill to kinda keep a cardiovascular excercise in their rutine. offseason its a different story

#7 Tigerpaws9097826

I personally picked up a couple of helpful tips from this video, but also ended it with a question. It seems like for fat-burning, many bodybuilders employ brisk walking as their cardio exercise (as displayed here) rather than something more vigorous like jogging, running, or high-speed bicycling, and I always wonder why that is. Wouldn’t something more strenous burn more fat, and better enhance heart health?

#8 rasputin1917

Brilliant athlete but useless video. Rubbish camera angles. Camera too close and you cant see the whole body movement or [more important] where the feet are positioned. If you know anything about abs, placement of feet is crucial. Please learn how to hold a camera before posting on YouTube.

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