No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise

Find out the Number 1 fat burning exercise. *Sponsor: Lose More in Less Time – Find more fitness videos at or own this video for just $0.75! This “Hang Clean-Push Press-Front Squat” combo will get your heart rate pumping and burn calories to maximize results for the quick workout.


#1 DIRTy2620

Let me be clear her cleans are crappy not that cleans are crappy.

#2 DIRTy2620

Cleans are crappy! And you would do clean into the front squat then stand and push press. How do these guys get these jobs as experts!

#3 SuperSlimization

This is too many weights for her, and will also really bulk her up. I would not recommend any women copy this.
There is now an amazing fat burning product on the market that will make life easier and is definately not as likely to strain a muscle.
Check out my link, I am passionate about this fat burner!

#4 vivoparaamar

The weights aren’t too heavy for her. Clearly the people making these comment know nothing about lifting weights and will see little to no progress. I see women at the gym all the time lifting 5lb weights and clearly aren’t pushing it. Why waste your time if you aren’t going to give everything you’ve got?

#5 dan13718

steroids and supplements are for cheating low life asshole lickers

#6 bigbradford69

I’d give her a nice work out

#7 TheSundayDelight


#8 FreeOnlineWorkouts

I’ve been studying the topic of weight loss for about 10 years now (I’m a personal trainer for a living) so I think I can shed some light on the topic.


1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat “low glycemic” carb sources in the day).

2) Choose the exercises that burn the most calories (NOT sit ups and curls). Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups etc. are great examples.

3) Use the software and meal plans from FatLossCustomized. com

4) Perform high intensity interval training.

#9 Gleepinator

@Galuche1L1U That does look like a really easy way to mess up your arms/shoulders/back, though, the way she’s throwing the weights around. I assume she knows what she’s doing enough to do it safely, but I’d be afraid of injuring myself.

#10 rickbond06

My Question is how many days a week should I do this?

#11 711hi

it looks like it is toooooooooooooo much weights for her

#12 LynnMonroeTV

@Galuche1L1U amen to that! People use to try and ruin my workouts by saying I shouldn’t touch weights, anything that is going to work my body is good enough!

#13 MsFutureArtist

@SpiritualAngelGaming I was just about to comment something about that >_<

#14 SpiritualAngelGaming

“Lets have you turned a little bit to the side, So we can see your form the side as
well” more like watch your ass from behind.

#15 Tofattocare

This porn is so hot !!!

#16 ndpanama

how much weight is in each of
those dumbells

#17 UserSpeeding

the best way to lose weight is to give yourself a full body workout. i lost 42 lbs in the last 3 month doing it. got a guide that outlines it pretty well if any1 is interested..

#18 alisonvasuez

you know its not that easy to do with a gut

#19 gongfumaster

those legs…

#20 olivuh

If it was too heavy… she wouldn’t be able to do it. DUH

#21 Stoned962flyer

Thnx im going to try this. I hope it works

#22 dieroregci


#23 metnelocon


#24 presturnnico


#25 betpetagi


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