Natural Bodybuilding, Freerunning, Exercises.. I’m into natural bodybuilding, powerlifting, freerunning, parkour, bodyweight and flexibility exercises, tumbling and tricking, martial arts.. skateboarding, swimming, whatever. As long as it’s extreme, I’m in, I guess. Visit my website for exercise instruction videos and information on freerunning, bodyweight exercises, bodybuilding, nutrition, xma tricking and more. http Check it out! :D


#1 tribeking5

what do you do for legs? pretty cool btw i wanna try some stuff

#2 Wolframm90

@daivondays hm ! happy for u man! but i m on a way of only ghetto workout like hannibal for king

#3 daivondays

@Wolframm90 No it doesnt bro, trust me,i’ve been doing bodyweight training all my life.finally started lifting weights this year and holy shit i can handle my own body weight even btter than before.

#4 V3Parkour

Great video :) Thanks for uploading

#5 Culminations1

@kinglennyone yeah most people think it does but it really doesnt. it depends on how u lift weights tho.

#6 canadianmonky2

who the fuck dislikes this?

#7 Daftseedy44

be my dad? :L

#8 toby099

bodybuilding and parkour don’t go together at all, douche

#9 stoner2280

great video, good to see it put to the test.

#10 TheLeilisa

What’s the average height for pro bodyduilders?

#11 bobbieholbrook

Big up. I don’t even know what to say. Many of us strive to be like you.

#12 TheLeilisa

are you short, do you wanna grow taller ?
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#13 TheLeilisa

i was short dead short thanks to “Helpo Growth Formula ”
im now tall

#14 ikkinnikk

I wish I can tumble an do back flips.

#15 Darkpspartan

Imagine if the Marines hired you guys as secret agents :O!!

#16 iDeaTHeoRyi

VERY inspiring. I’m a body builder / free runner in training and it’s nice to see where I will be if I keep consistent. Keep up the good work!

#17 Wolframm90

@kinglennyone lucky you if it is true man! ;)

#18 kinglennyone

@Wolframm90 No. It does not.

#19 69BadjaoLonewolf69


#20 truegamer4ever

Nice arms.

#21 killerengin

roidssssss we see bitch tits!

#22 Wolframm90

great vid but i think that trainings with iron re bad for gymnasts trickers and freerunners) only your own weight trainings re useful) iron makes your muscles enslaved)

#23 streetmirage


#24 888NIRVANA888

@sgthellfire Hey man give us a link of this song ??? I cant find…

#25 888NIRVANA888

Respect Lenny,just continue !!! Whats the name of this song ???

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