My lower back is a bit weary. Should I skip my abs workout tomorrow?

(Please say yes)
LOL…. Naughty Jack… Bad Jack!

I have been neglecting my ABS! You guys are right on!


#1 Jack B, humbled

No Gaz, I know if I don’t work on my abs I can’t curl up enough to……ah, never mind…. ;)

#2 5% Body Fat Patrick (Carpathian)

Actually Gaz,
Your lower back pain is a sign of abdominal weakness. So, you should probably go in and do abs tomorrow.

#3 Dick S

Yes, you skip insteed (jump over the rope!).

#4 pirate of yack

I’ll go with Patrick on this one, but I will add a little more info.
True that your back is hurting is a sign of ab weakness, but it is also an indicator that you may be doing your exercises incorrectly.
You see since your abs are weak you are trying to compensate by using your back muscles to do the exercises.
Try doing a different kind of ab exercises where you can’t cheat and use your back muscles. Something like the hanging knee lift. Here is some pictures that demonstrate.

Hmm this is my first serious answer on YA in months!! I have credentials if you want to see them!! :)
Take care and don’t forget to stretch!!

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