My abs are soar for 2-3 days after ab workout. How can I prevent soreness?

I want to be able to work on my abs ever second day, but I’m still sore after two days! During by ab exercises, I don’t feel like I’m over-doing it at all. I certainly feel a burn, but not to the point where it’s bad for me.

How can I prevent this soreness?
And, I don’t do much stretching before I exercise, could this be the reason? What are some good abdominal stretches?


#1 RYanster

It’s probably because you havent done that workout before… if you do it more often, your body muscels will start to get used to it and you won’t feel sore anymore. I know someone who’s done an ab workout and was really sore but then did it more so now she doesn’t feel osre anymore.

#2 scandalousxx

I’ve been through the same type of situation! Normally, I would say just stretch more, but according to new research, apparently stretching doesn’t really help in preventing sore muscles ( Yet, it can’t hurt to try some simple stretching a little more often before and after the workout! Also, keep yourself hydrated, preferably with water, to prevent some soreness. All in all, you’re going to feel sore after strenuous workouts but if you keep at it, your muscles will become larger and stronger and will be able to withhold the pressure! Good luck!

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