Me flexing abs

Hey guys i was bored so i did a video of me flexing my abs!


#1 VillageSilat

@VillageSilat duh…like YEAH…longer. . .hahaha, don’t tease us, dude. I know that some guys use longer vids to showcase different aspects about their ab muscle development: some do vacuums, some twist them to show the cuts in their obliques or rectus abdominus (core of sixpack)..etc. Some bloat them, some gutpunch themselves to show the hardness of their abs. There is crazy variety out there, all colors, shapes, and sizes…hahaha…you do like a quick vacuum that leads into a hard crunch

#2 cdjxxx17

You have great abs! I agree your videos need to be quite a bit longer – with maybe some close up shots of abs.


@VillageSilat Thanks, and it`s not the camera. I just make the video 30 seconds long, lol. Should i make them longer?

#4 danik70

very good abs

#5 VillageSilat

thanx 4 another vid. Ur abs are great…and the flexing is wel….pretty cool..I wish the flexing was longer but might be ur camera…good body, dude

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