Manny Pacquiao Complete AB Workout DAY 4 US, 4/7/11

Manny Pacquiao Complete AB Workout DAY 4 US, 4/7/11


#1 luvhumpsQQ

haha pacquiao was like “gimme a towell” he takes it and blows his nose on both sides and says “ight here take it”

#2 iamlinkous

this has been kicking my ass 3 x’s a week.. i love training with Pacman

#3 blazzinasian

my abs hurt

#4 idol1357

I look forward to watching Manny fight in person on November 12 at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, I came across a website that might just make my dream come true. Heard about Global Village Champions membership drive? Go go go Manny!


Does anyone know the workout mat he is using?

#6 FIipdawg4ever

touch me manny i love you <3

#7 kingdaleclarke

@Rico1ness hows that hating hahaha its a afct you twat

#8 Rico1ness

@kingdaleclarke your hating because you said he doesnt do ab workouts like that everyday and he does

#9 kingdaleclarke

@Rico1ness how am i a hater

#10 Rico1ness

@kingdaleclarke damn your a hater You abs is the only muscle you can work on everyday and he does

#11 kingdaleclarke

@969hasan he doesnt do it every single day body needs to rest but most of the week probaly 5 days a week hell do ths, so before you try and make yourself look good try to actually know the facts.

#12 969hasan

@pacificpitbull he does this 2times a day, everyday

#13 pacificpitbull

how many times would he do this a week???

#14 aznboy31196

this workout hurts O_O
its either im out of shape or this is just hard x)

#15 wushumon88

@kingdaleclarke WOW jersey shore comment to the rescue

#16 kingdaleclarke

@Jaffe91 my routines harder mate, i wouldnt recomenned you try it though

#17 BOIBIG100

hEY dont fORGET mayweather lol

#18 Levrad21

138000 views and no one likes this video? I thought it was a hardcore abs routine. Think im gonna try it one day.

#19 drmani96

is there a name for that song at the beginning of the video ?

#20 Jaffe91

just did it, gonna start doing it every other day. this shit kicks ur ass…

#21 abredell

u gotta do what u gotta to do to stay on top and be the best

#22 Smexyyellow

I thought he did 2000 sit ups a day? I actually tried doing full range of motion sit ups, I had no clue he switched it up every 50 reps. I could only do 1016 sit ups in 30 minutes, then I just got bored and stopped.

#23 rcoleyjr

there is no way you can do this more than once a week.

#24 kingdaleclarke

@shino475 seperate routine

#25 lefebvrem1

love how he made that look easy

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