Lower abs workout question?

How do I work out my lower abs?


#1 Holiarisoa

I know it sounds funny but you can belly dance, it really works.

#2 Millybabe

Avoid crunches, these trigger upper abs.
Instead, lie on your back and put your hands behind your head, and have your knees bent facing upward, with your feet on the floor. Raise your left knee, at the same time pull your right elbow so it touches your knee. Do the opposite on your other side. Keep doing this :)

#3 Ryan W

cant think what they’re called but doing a reverse sit up type thing works for me;
where instead of bringing your body up, you raise your wiv the knee bent (position 1), then bring it into your body without using your legs (position 2) then back to 1, takes a few mins to get it but you can really fell it in your lower abs. make sure to keep your head flat back against the floor though
hope this helps

#4 rosa

lay on your back then slowly left your legs up till they reach 90 degree and then slowly get on the starting position and so on

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