Lower Ab Exercises: Leg Lifts With The Exercise Ball

For more free online exercise videos, visit befitandstrong.com. This lower ab exercise puts a twist on the regular leg lift. Just like the leg lift, it’s important to do this exercise under strict control to protect the lower back. If you find your back arching off of the floor, stop and go back to the leg lift until you have developed the right amount of lower ab strength.


#1 MatthewGen1

It’d be better to just keep the ball between legs and skip the arm part.
Results fairly fast with with a mix of cardio to reduce body fat %

#2 0o0Sleepless0o0

my back aches!

#3 ThreedaysGracelova

@STARSHINE852 i would def add more of a variety because the body hits a plateau and stops the improvement so add more exercises in so your body will find a challenge and continue improving…i hope that helps if you didnt already know that :)


I started this week doing these in the morning and 8pm.When will I see results?

#5 pdigout

ya, they totally work!

#6 EnoLa2oo0

Really??? whats the time spam you have to spend on it…and when do u see results?

#7 ramato2233


#8 FardarDstyler

Someone tried it?

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