Last minute workout to tone abs&thighs?

So, I am going to the lake tomorrow and I am not 100% comfortable in my bikini yet. I have been working out lately, but not to where I am completely satisfied. I was wondering if there was a kind of quick workout that I can do to make me look toner? I am planning to work out for a couple of hours. Ideas?

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#1 TunersUnltd

Realistically, you will not get any drastic results overnight. But try doing some sit-ups and planks for abs. Get on the bike for 30 minutes and work your legs. Also heard that cutting down on liquids can show definition more. I notice I look more trim in the morning before I eat or drink anything. Might be worth a shot.

P.S. If u havent worked out much lately I wouldnt over-do it…You will be sore tomorrow.

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