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Try the 25 minute fitness routine and workout that keep Katy Perry in Shape! SarahFit.com – click for workout details. Katy Perry is busy singer these days. Releasing a new album plus planning a wedding! She works out 5 times a week at least for 25 minutes. Her fitness routine was created by her personal trainer Harley Pasternak. It is based on his book, 5 Factor Fitness. There are a total of 5 workouts. Each day focuses on 3 body parts, an upper body, a lower body and an abdominal body part. It begins with 5 minutes of cardio. Then 5 minutes dedicated to each body part. It ends with a fat blasting cardio routine for 5 minutes. This is a beginner workout that requires a single pair of dumbbells.TheSarah Fit Show features videos of Sarah Dussault and includes her tips on healthy living. Topics range from an easy ab workout in the gym to which foods are healthier than others. In these videos Sarah explains, and shows, easy ways to stay fit, thin, and healthy. New episodes every Monday on the Click Fitness Network.More celebrity workouts sarahfit.com Channel: www.youtube.com Website: sarahfit.comSarah’s Twitter twitter.com Facebook.com Fitness Channel: www.youtube.com


#1 gautam7109

On Your Tshirt its I make Guys Cry But ti be honest when i see Your face i have tears Of Joy You So sweet May God Bless You Always with a smile

#2 cloudxtraining

Beautiful girl. :D

#3 Paam390

How many calories does this exercise burn ?

#4 whippedcream2008

Vote Sarah

#5 JenS32

How many calories does this exercise burn?

#6 nikolepaigesmith

SARAH, I am wondering … what is YOUR weekly workout routine?? What do you do each day of the week?? … Iam trying to create a WORKING routine. I have been going to the gym for 5 months now and do your workout videos at home on the days I cannot get to the gym! …… Anyways, i am just wondering what you weekly routine is like? Do you do different things everyday? :) Thanks.

#7 brownshuga911

This might be a dummy question, but I really am confused. is it 100 reps of each body part move? ie 100 bicep curls (25*4) ?

#8 Anaztasia

Thank you for this :D It really got me in the get-your-ass-in-shape-mood. I just hope I see some results. What sort of results should I expect? I know it varies from person to person but just to give me a hint, what muscles am I mostly working out here? :) And that whole jumping rope… what’s that good for? :)

#9 khanaccount9

search for “lordexin kesha”. help that kid spread his vid so it reaches kesha!


thank you sarah!!

#11 SelinaScavo

If I do this workout combined with your begginer’s workout (2 times) once a day for two months, will there be a visible change in my body? I have a thing to attend in two months and started with your begginer’s workout today (really kicked my butt, I’m sooo out of shape, not overweight, tho but I hate my wobbly thighs + need a tighter ass, wanna get rid of my lovehandles and just tone my body as effective and quick as possible). I’m also on a healthy diet. So will this help in time?

#12 jordana8899

This chick has better boobs that katy perry

#13 LazyFilmMaker

My arms are looking good thanks to this video!

#14 brownieblush

I’m addicted your your channel. You keep it real, you prove that stick thin does not equal pretty, and you’re always changing it up :-) Thanks

#15 terryxbaby

i thought katy perry was in this -_-

#16 BurnInMaLight

nice shirt ahahhaha!

#17 digitalamish7

Sarah, why do you keep using different celebrity names in the title of your videos (Blake Lively, Kate Perry, etc.)? I just think it’s a somewhat dishonest way to drive traffic to your channel… If you don’t have a permission or affiliation with those celebrities of course…

#18 emily6930

How do you get slim thighs?

#19 GreanWolf

How long dose it usually take to start loosing weight if you follow any of the workouts you share?

#20 CeraDawnClark

You said she probably works out more, by this do you mean she does more reps or what? Or maybe does the whole work out two or three times a day?

#21 majolerulerulista

you should use pink blush it would really look great on you, I recomend you coygirl by mac :)

#22 klwewf

@SarahsFabChannel I like you better than Lisa AND Katy for that matter. And, no I’m NOT kidding! :)

#23 RachelJayx3

Looks like a great workout! I’ll have to add some of these moves to my normal routine

#24 articfox1731

I was hoping to at least hear some Katy Perry music in the background. I like your t-shirt…funny!

#25 pinkytuki24

Can you recommend me a diet that i can used, i’m 324 pounds, and i whant to lose weight so i’m doing your videos for training please and thankyou

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