I’ve got the arms and abs but some fat on top rendering them invisible,How to lose it?

I have the time, you just recommend the way.
Busy schedule for exercise and lacking equipment…Do basics like 3 minutes abs workout (Android market) and pushups :/ not enough aye?
I’m a snacker..anything that would fill me up? NO stupid carrots suggestions


#1 Ellie Smith

3 minute ab work outs? Burning fat?

No. It takes me 2.5 mile jogs 5 times a week to burn fat at a MUCH faster rate… plus it actually burns better like this.

You can’t cheat fat. Every day you don’t go for a jog, someone else out there is jogging and burning their fat….

#2 Lily Rose

No, muscle building workouts will not get rid of fat. Doing jumping jacks for 20-30 minutes or so will help burn fat, so that you can see the muscles.

#3 hagletrough

Do plyometric workouts. Like jumprope, jumping jacks, etc etc. I used to have the same problem. For some people, there’s a layer of fat that doesn’t seem to go away no matter what. It renders getting a 6 pack and defined arms difficult. Gotta go that extra mile to get what you want. And 3 minutes is a warmup, at the most. Not a workout.

#4 Neil

No instant way to loose body-fat, 30mins+ of Cardio 5-6 days a week burns fat, and helps you get in shape.

You could do the small things(bike instead of bus/car, stairs instead of elevator) that kind thing will get you a lot of extra exercise, even if you have a busy schedule.

Fundamental is moving enough though.

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