ive been using the 8 minute abs workout video. i have a couple of questions. HELP please!?

ok so ive been doing them for about five days. the first couple of days i was sore but now i dont get sore anymore and ive been doing them the same. does that mean its not working anymore or will it still work??? also i am doing 100 pushups a day for the chest. is that enough or should i up them? im 15 by the way. thanks!


#1 Jake F

no no dont up them; your body isnt sore anymore because it is amune to them. As long as your heart rate stays up and you feel like you benefit from the sit ups, dont add or subtract anything. eventually, when they become easy, you may need to add some. Dont expect too quick results either. Ive been doing 100 a night and 200 every three days for about 5 months, and my abs still arent quite where i want them.

#2 JuSt AsKiNg

i would agree with the first answer: your body is “used” to the workouts, but you are still working the muscle. Eventually, over time, you will not even notice that you did the workouts, such that they will become so easy for you. this is the time when you need to up the sets. Same with the pushups, if you are feeling that you are working your muscle, then you are fine. Once they get easier, you might want to up the amount you do….good luckk

#3 stew w

If you want to make your stomach flat, then you need to follow a proper exercise, diet schedule and get sufficient sleep. You need to get the right proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and vitamins daily in your diet. There is no magical formula to make the tummy flat; exercise and hard work is the only way to make your tummy flat.


Intake Low carb diet·

Do not consume foods high in sugar content·

If possible do not eat junk food. If you need to eat junk food , consume less ·

Eat low fat food and avoid fried foods·

Drink fruit juices and plenty of water·

Eat lots of green leafy vegetable and fruits

Exercise: Jogging is the best exercise to start with. You need to jog for at least 20 minutes before you start doing the tummy exercises. Tummy crunch or sit ups is the best exercise for your stomach. Do the tummy crunch in different variations. The more the repetitions, the more strength for your tummy muscles. Swimming is also a good exercise for the whole body. Some yoga poses also help in strengthening the upper and lower part of the tummy and also increase the flexibility of the stomach muscles. Sleep: Sleep is a necessity for rest, relaxation and recuperation. You need to get a good sleep, to recharge your muscles after a workout. On an average an adult needs around 8 hours of sleep. If you rest for fewer hours, the risk of becoming overweight increases.

#4 Isaac

Wow, totally recommend the 8 minute abs, really good. but consistency and healty nutritional food is also a must. what is happening to your abs at the moment is what we platue, your abs is working fine all it need at the moment is a tougher workout, try this, hold a directory or a heavy book on your chest, when you do your 9 abs exercise move it will thus increase the weight and give your abdominal a challenge. try it out and let me know, Cheers ! you would love it !

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