is this to big of an abs workout?

50 crunches
30 v sits
30 hands on hips crunches
30 push throughs (hands between legs)
30 alternating hurls (crunch one knee up alternating)
30 4 times abs (one leg up then the other lay flat on your back)
30 leg up touch crunch (legs up reach up and touch them flat on back)
30 reverse crunches (knees bent to your chest oposite of a crunch
30 foot to foot crunches


#1 Hey You

If you want abs you have to lose the fat. Doing crunches will help tone your abs, but not make them show. Unless of course you do 5000+ a day.

Run for 30 minutes. You’ll get a 6 pack in a month at the least.

#2 Check Raise

Depends what your goals are and how many times a week you’re planning on doing this? Personally I think that training schedule is overkill.

Abs are no different to any other muscle and need moderate weight and reps to grow, plus they need plenty of rest.

Why not do less exercises and do multiple sets of each one. Then change up the exercises you do every 4 or so weeks. Also, I would reduce the reps you’re doing for each exercise. Somewhere between 12-15 range is the general rule of thumb for abs, which is only slightly higher than you would use for most other muscles. If you’re pumping out 30 or 50 reps for each exercise, then add weight so that you come back down to the 12-15 range

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