is this healthy to eat after a weight training/abs workout?

mashed potatoes, corn and steak


#1 jen

If its a small snack its fine, but a heavy meal not so much. You just need a little boost but if you eat a heavy meal you pretty much just took in all of the calories you just burned

#2 Elliot Dempster

Yes perfectly healthy1 especially the steak as the protein will help build muscle

#3 Falcor Finckleson

mashed potatoes-not bad, but not good. eat potato carbs sparignly.
corn-same as potatoes. you can eat more of other veggies like carrots and greens etc. but ones full of carbs like corn and potatoes CAN be eaten, but sparignly. meaning LESS than other veggies, but yet eaten.
steak-if its lean and GRILLED yes. If you are a body builder, eat as much as protein as you need. If you do NOT build your body or trying to burn as much as fat as possible, eat meat sparingly to none.

#4 Astley James

No, after workouts you should consume foods that are low in fat and high in protein; like protein shakes, protein bars, lean Turkey, and ect.

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