is this a good abs workout?

well i started doing 100 sit-ups and every day i do 10 more then i did the last day they get sore but i don’t know if i should keep on doing it like this i eat but not a lot so its easier to get abs is it good to eat after you do sit-ups …. if i keep doing dis work out how long will i need 2 wait to see results please help and give any other good information



wel try to eat like 30to 60 min after working out. well try to use more ab exercises because your only working out your top half of your will see results in 6 weeks

#2 J L

It is good to be doing 100 sit ups everyday but even if you do 10 more then the last day you still need to keep up with what you eat.even if you do 100 sit ups for a month straight, but if you still eat burgers and junk everyday (not saying you do) all those sit ups will be like you never did them. try cutting down on the carbs and sodium and you should be good.

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