is this a good abs workout routine?

i’m a beginner for abs workouts and wanted to know if the following is a good abs workout routine. i do 30 crunches in the morning and 30 in the night (total of 60), rest the next day. i keep up the same routine four times a week (including saturdays and sundays). i do 3 different types of abs exercise a week (ex; i do one type of exercise a whole day, then do another type another day…) is there a change i should make to make my workouts more effective? thnx lots for any useful feedback… :-)

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#1 celee

I’m not an expert, but just from what I’ve gathered over the years about exercise, it is good to vary the muscles you work out. It sound like you are doing quite a bit of ab work so good for you. That alone will probably give you some good abs, if coupled with healthy eating and cardio exercise. So a change I’d recommend is to do more types of abs exercises than just 3, because you will hit more muscle groups. Right now you might not be hitting all of them. One ab routine I recommend is a segment in Tracey Anderson’s Mat Workout DVD – she hits like every part of the abs, but it’s done in a different way – she does traditional ab exercises but also does a standing one where she moves the rib-cage to hit different parts of the abs while tightening them (you could actually just do it on your own). Plank positions are great for abs too…so challenging and I feel like they do a lot to strengthen the core. Also make sure you are really working those stomach muscles…tightening them, pulling your belly button in (pilates move) not just using momentum. The slower the movement, the more difficult, and probably the great the result. Remember to breathe in when you start and out during the crunch. These things give you a much better workout. Pilates is great for abs too…there are some challenging moves…I figure, the more challenging, the better it works. Now you’ve inspired me to do them more :) Anyways, hope that gives you some new ideas.

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