is it possible to have big abs? or are there any workout to bulk up your abs?

some workout (like cardio) will make you lose body fat and remove that gut to make an illusion of big abs.. but is there a workout to bulk up your abs even you have a big gut.. just like those abs of wwe superstars…


#1 mariofcalero

No one excercise will remove the fat and get you the abs. Workout your total body every other day.

#2 FrostyD

wrestlers lift weights daily. It helps that their only job is to stay in shape, they really shouldnt have anything else on their minds. Theres not huge secret to having abs, its called a diet and situps.

#3 GI

If you belong to a gym, look for one of the ab machines with weights. Just like other muscles, your abs will gain size faster with fewer reps of higher weights.

If no gym, try tying weights to your feet and doing hanging leg lifts.

Abs are very dense, though, so it will take a long time to get them to bulk up. Also, you have to be very thin to see them at all.

#4 about2teach

Good Question! best that you can do for your abs is remember it takes time.. Your abs are three sections of stomach muscles that need as much attention as any other part of your body..
Along with sit ups and crunchers, I highly recommend taking plastic wrap and using it around your middle (NOT YOUR CHEST) below your ribs and above your waist when you workout. This adds to your sweat output and trains your muscles as to how big you really want them… Bulk up with protein powder or, if you are going natural, eggs and peanut butter, and work those abs! Work them with sit ups, crunchers and hanging curls…those REALLY work!!

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