Is it ok to workout abs everyday?‎?

So i started working out on sunday, usually the most intense ab workout i do lasts 20 min the other ones are kinda cardio although they work my abs too and they last around 30min.
Is it bad to do this everyday? my abs arent that sore just my lower back but im already seeing some results will it be bad to keep working them out?
I just want to strenghen my core since i have really weak ab muscles and even though i only weight 95lbs my stomach looks huge lol.
Thank you (:
(sorry about the mistakes, im portuguese)


#1 Bryce

Yea, you’re over-training them. Two to three times a week max, is all you need.

#2 Jill

nah you will be just fine.. I work out mine every day :) I have gotten my stomach very tight using my wheel every day. You should get one! It works your whole upper body but mostly abs. Its just a wheel with 2 handles I got for like 6 bucks.

#3 sha1gon

No. Your abs are just like any other muscle and require a resting period (~2 days) to rebuild themselves properly. By working them every day you aren’t giving them any time to repair and are thus hindering your progress.

#4 EddySays

Carolina -
So much attention is focused on the stomach look.
Most people have a tendency to overwork the ab muscles.
We want that 6 pack or flat stomach so we constantly want to work that area.
Basic rule of thumb is exercise each muscle group every other day.
This gives the muscle almost 48 hours to repair, rest, and rebuild.
So upper body one day, lower body and core the next.
People have a tendency to do sit ups or some other ab exercise every day.
Abs need rest too.
I do cardio then resistance (lifting or exercises). My goal is to knock off 5 more lbs.
When I get back to my target weight I will lift first then do cardio.
Doing cardio first then lifting keeps the heart rate elevated burning more calories.
Lifting first then cardio gives maximum muscle gain.
Take one full day of total rest each week.
So six days a week.
I usually do a 30 minute brisk walk or treadmill on my off day just to stretch out a bit.
Good luck.

#5 Renato

Well…depends. Workout different parts of your abs each day. I will explain this part in Portuguese as it is easier for me for the muscle names…hehe

Do one day “infra” which are your upper abs and “Oblíquos” which are the side of your abs. Another day do your “supra” abs, which are exercises for lower abs. Alternate them.

#6 Champion Workouts

The other answers to the question are good and for some other great points check out the following article:

It’s always good to rest muscle groups and rotate the working out of them so they can recover.

Hope this helps. Train hard!!


Sorry this answer is not in Portuguese but you can translate it using a google translator if it will help.

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