Is it ok to work out your abs if they are still sore from the last ab workout?

I’m on the P90X workout program and it says to do the ab work out every other day. I worked them out on sunday and now it is tuesday and they are still sore. Is it ok to still work them out?


#1 Katie

Yeah, aslong as you give them atleast a day of rest, be sure to stretch really well every day of the week, before exercise and on the rest day as well to help loosen up the muscles so they arent so sore.

#2 haxemon

If they’re just a little tight you’re prolly okay. If they are really sore they’re still recovering from the last workout and you should let them finish recovery before you work them out again. Proper rest is VERY important. If you feel they’re just a little tight and you can complete today’s workout then go for it. If you feel there’s no way you can complete the workout today then rest another day before hitting your abs again.

Abdominal muscles tend to recover more quickly than other muscle groups but if you’re just starting out you may need more than one day rest.

#3 Sarah R

Yes, but don’t push yourself if you think you can’t do anymore. By still exercising (in moderation), you will be gaining muscles, yay!

#4 byndie1956

I think you should exercise every other day on your abs and do other exercises. to strengthen your back.

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