Is it bad to workout my abdominals even though they hurt?

I started a 10 minute Pilates abs workout this morning, and plan on doing it every morning. It hurts, should i skip a day? or is it better to just continue to keep a steady workout plan?
I’m aware that its good that it hurts, but i also heard that letting it rest a day in between helps?


#1 Andrew

Keep it steady.

Of course it hurts?

What’d you expect?

#2 Jordan L

You should def. skip a day! This is why , this is how your muscles work when you are working them they are breaking down and to rebuild and get that six pack you want they need to be totally broke down one day and you do that by working them and then they need a whole other day to rebuild and you do that by not working them! Yes its great they hurt they should but give them that day rest you will notice it will help with the soreness and by noticing the a better set of abs!

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