i’m looking for a dance workout DVD that will tone my abs relatively fast?

Well, I just really want a sexy, dance workout DVD that will tone my body and make it look nice. But it has to be fun too, please. Any suggestions?


#1 Angie

I’ve heard that “Ab Attack” works really well!

#2 Delayna


Perfect for working your abs! It is a very very fun workout with lots of dancing styles (Even belly dancing) and you really move well to the music..

Look on online stores or on ebay for zumba DVD’s.. It is a perfect workout, I say pick this one. It never fails! :D

#3 too.muchtv

Pretty much any dance routine will tone your abs. You pretty much need to find what you like. If you have netflix, you can sample a LOT of videos (even your local library will have a collection).

I tried cardio ballroom from julianne hough, and although I have issues with her cueing and about the evenness of the routine (she does this leg flick thing, but only on one side), it’s pretty fun, and you’ll definitely feel tired & have fun.

You should check out the dance fitness category on amazon, since it’ll have LOTS of reviews: http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=dp_brlad_entry?ie=UTF8&node=706131011#/ref=sr_st?qid=1307774841&rh=n%3A130%2Cn%3A!404276%2Cn%3A578324%2Cn%3A706131011&sort=reviewrank_authority

I actually agree with the belly dance reviews, and jennifer gilardi (for hip hop cardio stuff) is a good teacher.

#4 Michael

You can try zumba or P90X .

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