Im, 14 years old, i want to work out my arms, chest and abs. Can somebody designa weekly workout plan? 10 poin?

Can somebody design a workout plan that I will follow. Im 5′6 and i wiegh 110.


#1 Andrew

weights and mix up ur routine and confuse ur muscles

#2 chels

i’m so excited to answer your question! all i have to say is
it’s your miracle plan for sure. it not only has ways to make your body lose fat, but gain muscle. it has about 45 video work out routines- you just pick either fat loss, muscle gain, or training videos. and it has specific videos for specific areas of your body. he even has diet plans.

what it is is a personal trainers personal site. he loves helpding ppl with their ideal body and sends you HIS dvd for FREE!!! he even pays for shipping. it’s absolutely fantastic. i promsie he won’t let you down. he also has a billion different weight plans for gaining muscle, losing weight and maintanance. and nothing about costs anything. ive never used my credit card even once! he never asks for it!

try it.i promise you’ll fall in love with this site!
his videos are also found on youtube. his subscription name is inshape4u (on youtube) just type that into the search bar!


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