If I worked my abs and legs and did cardio yesterday, what kind of workout should I do today?

I was thinking biceps and triceps and then cardio.
But I don’t know if I should do cardio too.
Your opinion?


#1 Mum Mum

Yep !

#2 polly

free weights or a yoga class

#3 ★Sp!cy★

Do 10 minutes of cardio to warm up, stretch then do chest and arms. Abs can be done everyday too

#4 situpking

do abs, arms and cardio. You dont have to do the same cardio as yesterday but a different exercise with cardio. Some people run every day. Its working your heart and thats a muscle. Cardio and abs should be done every day.

#5 free_mumia_or_else

I love kangaroos and giraffes also, and you are pretty I do 11 work outs/week (cardio in the morning every day except wednesday and weights at lunch M-F), as long as you get 24 hours rest between them, but looking at you, you look perfect.

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