i want to gain more upper body strengh (biceps, triceps, abs,…) what workout routines should i do?

i want to gain more upper body strengh (biceps, triceps, abs,…) what workout routines should i do? what should i buy?
can you please give me workout routines that you do with dumbells, not really with total gyms, i dont want to buy one. just simple and effective ways of gaining upper body muscle……


#1 yums

this article has some great routines for body building and dietary needs that will help you gain that upper body strenght and look

#2 supermooko

Its tough if you dont want to join a gym and put in some real hard time. But with a simple set of dumbells 3-4 times a week a lil routine doing bis and tri days, then off set that with shoulder/chest days and making abs every day.
I good wayt o start off would be doing for exmaple sets of 5×5 (5 sets of 5 reps) with some good resistance. After whiel youll feel wheny ou want to move up the weight, and do so. Do 5×5 of everything ex: DB (dumbbell) bench, shoulder press, bent over shoulder raise, forward/lateral raise, Chest flys and plain push ups 9for push ups do as many as possible untill failure 3 times)
then bi’s and tris, which is basically just curls and arm extensions with useing only dumbells. DB skullcrushers are effective as well on your triceps, that is when laying down raise the dumbbells above your chest but turn your palms in so they are faceing eachother and bring itt down to your forehead (hence skull crusher)
With abe workouts using resistance helps alot if you have a decline bench, other wise certian ripping techniques liek core holds, russian twists and “brad pits” are a good thing to do non stop for 30 seconds than rest another 30 seconds and then do another abe workout, do that for 8 or so abe workouts and thats a pretty solid day.

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