i want abs does this workout schedule sound good?

i am 12 years old and i do 20 crunches/ planks while holding 5 pound weights i do 20 push ups while picking up 5 pound weights. my rest day is on sunday. is this a good workout schedule.
when i do my crunches i hold the weights on my stomachs. so how would i stunt my growth


#1 Arky.

It’s a bit lax

And abs at your age, I’m not sure I should be worried or impressed.

#2 rocker1000

Yeah that’s a great workout schedule but you also have to eat right too so you can get your abs faster.If you keep it up you’ll have them in about 2-3 weeks.

#3 madroxkran

If you’re going for a six-pack, that has a lot more to do with body fat amount. On the exercise, do a few sets of those and you should be good. Since you’re 12, increase in reps and not weight with stuff.

#4 bootyfats

As the previous poster said,
if you’re 12, don’t bother with using any weights for your workout, since there is that controversial issue with stunting growth

you’re better off doing say more reps, more sets etc, not with more resistance

the best move for you though would be to take up swimming and/or a jogging routine, 30 min or more daily

your workout schedule will be effective once you start eating healthy, I don’t know how well you can achieve eating your veggies, no junk food etc, but mind over matter as they say

if you want those abs that bad, your diet is going to be crucial along with your workout routine or whatever you may currently be doing
good luck kid

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