I need to tone abs and thighs quickly? I need a great intense workout routine please?

I have a 50th wedding anniversary party to attend in 12 weeks. I would love to wear a great light weight summer dress. I am 5′10″ and weigh 155.I walk on a regular basis but my abs and thighs are a problem area. I have a weight bench but not sure how to use to target these areas. Please help.

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#1 Foxhound

Especially if you have access to a gym it can be done. 12 weeks is a sufficient amount of time to achieve results.

If you want to ‘tone’ im assuming you want little muscle mass gained, but just more defined muscles, am I correct?

Squats. The squat will be the number one exercise to not only tone your thighs and abs, but will make your entire body stronger. If you can, use a lightweight and go for a high amount of reps (like 15 approx) with 3 sets. The low weight (even your own bodyweight) will allow for definition on your muscles, but you won’t gain any significant size, especially if you aren’t increasing your caloric intake.

When you squat, focus your abs. Keep them tight throughout the exercise and make sure your back is kept naturally straight. For a final tip, make sure your feet are flat on the floor and you distribute the weight throughout your entire feet.

Youtube how to squat if you are unaware.

Also, the lower you go with the squat, the harder it becomes and the more emphasis it places on your glutes and hamstrings rather than your quads (although they will be worked as well). If you only go down to a 90 degree angle, this is solely working your quads and neglecting your glutes and hams for the most part.

I hope this helps. If you do incorporate this exercise into your workout you are sure to see results.

Good luck.

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