I need a great workout to get bigger legs and stronger abs fast?

I am a swimmer and I play water polo recently I have been ill and couldnt do both of those things for quite some time. I really need a great hard workout to get my legs bigger fast. they are sooooo small and due to me being ill have only gotten smaller. I am looking forward to gaining the weight i lost during my sickness but i need to get bigger legs by muscle FAST! advice?


#1 Alex

p90x – google it

#2 Daivd Santiago

Take a jog for like 6-10 minutes. Situps (do 10-20) if ya can. Push ups (5-10)


eat alot every (2-3 hours or 3 meals with snacks in between) eat foods high in proteins,calories and healthy fats >>>peanut butter and more dairy and whole grains in general… protein=muscle( especially whey> http://www.gnc.com/family/index.jsp?cate… . Dont forget to eat fruits and Vegs though. Then find a gym or buy some dumbbells and do lunges,calf raises,weighted squats,step ups with knee raises,sprints with a speed sled/weighted sled,dead lifts,hamstring curls,leg presses…..etc any workouts with the legs that use {{heavy weights}}. when you do these exercises you should be aiming for 5 to 8 ( heavy for you) reps for size ,3 sets with 30 seconds to no more than a minute of rest in between each set. The gym/weight room is one of the best places to help with your legs their a lot of machines in there that will help add size to your lower body. your lower body workout should only take 45 minutes to an hour. you should try to work out 3 to 4 times a week or every other day ((to give your muscles time to recover, because if you over work them/work the same group of muscles two days in a row you will loose muscle and your legs will get smaller)). On the days you are not working your lower body, do some crunches/sit ups/exercises for your obliques,and core/abs. Also remember to warm up before you workout, jog a LITTLE bit and stretch lightly after not too hard though. Get plenty of rest/sleep, your thighs aka hams,butt and quads,calfs will recover and grow when you sleep not while your a wake…10 to ( 8) to at least 6 hours if possible.

More Tips/facts/advice:
get a routine down
switch up your routine>> the order of the exercises you do, to get faster results(muscle confusion)
remember to keep the reps low and the weights heavy for you when working the lower body which means that once you get to the 8th rep or last rep you should barely be able to do it.
Rep stands for repetition
after your workout eat/drink something high in protien
Anything over 10 reps when lifting weights produces slim lean muslces basically cardio and dose not really produce the bulky fast twitch muscles you want to make your thighs thicker and legs bigger.
lean muscles are for endurance Marathons,5k races etc
Fast twitch muscles are for speed and strength Sprinters Track 100m 200m etc olympic weight lifters,gymnast,fighters etc

If i missed anything or if you have any more questions regarding fitness ask another question,or look it up

#4 lic2kill

run for an hour at minimal speed, then do an incline up and down by the minute for the next hour up to ten deg., then run again going faster by the minute and then cool down. Worked for me.

Dieting is my Waterloo.

#5 Jonny Stivent Acevedo Londoño

you can read these books, are great.

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