I need a good workout plan for my abs. Any ideas?

I just had a baby two months ago, and I am ready to blast my belly. I have no qualms with working out, I just need to know a great exercise, how many reps, how often, etc.


#1 Hoogs

Do sit-ups.

#2 George K

Try set ups and walking i mile per day to start out.

#3 Kelly

SIT UPS DONT BURN FAT, PEOPLE!!! To get rid of flab, you have to do cardio, so run, walk, jog, swim, bike etc 30 min a day 5x a week.

#4 alexandra

The is no easy way sorry i tried it ( no easy way without surgury, lipo, or pills) with ar enot healthy
i know everyone is gonna tell u to do situps so im gonna tell u try to do excersice weigths, sit ups, eat healthy because usually all the sugar chocolat and fattie acids from junk food go straigh to ur stomach. I had to have a flat belly by this summer because i went to florida and ill i did was eat a good breakfast and a small healthy lunch, and a medium supper. i worked out and didn;t eat any junkfood,chocolat, and i did alot of situps and scawts.

#5 LisaFlorida

#1 Method: Wear bikini or low-rise pants w/crop top, or other very form-fitting/bodybaring clothing every chance you get. It will make you more conscious about standing up straight and holding in your abs.
Hold your abs taught while driving and during every diaper change. [Add any other activities to this list. It's just to get you to intentionally tighten your abs for set periods of time throughout your day.]
Sit on a 65″ exercise ball while surfing the net, watching TV, etc… Once you get comfortable on the ball, lift one foot off the ground and raise the opposite arm in the air. Hold, then alternate. Work on eventually balancing yourself upright on the ball with your feet off of the ground and your arms up in the air.

#6 juli o

How to make my stomach flat

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