I need a daily workout routine to get abs help!?

Currently I go jogging everyday and lift weights after I get home. I do a few situps and cruches and I also do pushups. I need some good exercises to speed up the process of getting abs. Please give me clear instructions on how to achieve this…I am not fat so theres no need to say I need to burn my fat off. I just need to tone my muscles. How long will it take to see results?


#1 Michelle

6 months to a year it doesnt work overnight lol.

#2 Kris O

There are several good exercise programs on the following site that will help you achieve the abs you want.

But also sometimes the foods you eat could be hindering you to get the abs you want, so take a look at your eating habits.

Go to http://www.pandkcompany.com/fitness/html

#3 SBflyer99

The best tip I ever got was to do kickboxing for the overall core, captain’s chairs for the lower abs, and long arm crunches for the middle of the six pack.

#4 Erlyn3

Do 1,000 crunches a day.
HA HA HA HA… ah, I kill me.
Seriously, I strongly suggest you go to your local library and read up on the Abs Diet. Getting your abs to appear is basically what its about. I’ll try to summarize it though.
No matter how buff you are in the middle, your abs are not going to just “pop out”. In order to get them to appear you need to reduce your body fat to below about 15% (I’ve included a link to a body fat measuring tool).
The best way to do that ironically, is to build muscle. Muscle burns calories. Note that you need to BUILD muscle, not just tone. You can’t tone without something there to tone anyway. There’s no way you can bulk up like a bodybuilder without a LOT more work anyway.
Thus there are two parts: exercise and diet. Diet should be high in protein (helps build muscle) and exercise should be multiple sets, low reps, high weight.
Another tool you might want to consider is the Men’s Health Belly Off program (FREE) which has dieting and exercise guidance.

#5 sakuraburke

okay so these work if you do them correctly and enough times. lay down like you are going to do a push up, but instead of your arms straight out, bend your arms so that your forearms are touching the ground and fists are facing forward. Push your abs back into your spine. and hold this position for about 30 seconds at a time to one minute.
Here’s a picture that’s easier to understand!–>


here’s another picture—>


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