I just did an ab workout and how to also contribute to abs?

i’m 13 and i want to get ready for track season (and abs)

1)should i just work on my arms and legs the following day? and just rest abs?
2)what kind of foods and things should i eat and take to help?
3)how can i make soreness go away?
4) is jumprope good for help and just overall?
5) how long will it take usually?

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#1 Chris C

Abs have more to do with eating right than exercise. Everyone has abs, but most people have too much fat over them. No matter how many ab workouts you do, if you have over 15% bodyfat it won’t make a difference.

So to answer your questions:

1) Always give your muscle groups a rest after working them out. I generally do “pushes” one day (triceps, quadriceps, pectorals, calves, etc.), “pulls” the next (biceps, abs, hamstrings, etc.), and a day of rest.

2) Fruits, veggies, fish, and dairy. Cut back on red meat and sugar. And stay far, far away from fast-food

3) Jumping rope is a good way to get your heart rate up before exercising, but not much else

4) It depends on your bodyfat percentage, but generally having under 10% will get you noticeable abs.

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