I hate excersising my abs. Is there any extremely hard excersises i could do in small reps, for a workout?

Any advise u have helps. Thanks in advance.


#1 unknown

sit ups with 45 pound weight plate on your chest. It strengthens your abs very well.

#2 Sdfhsdfh Dsfhsdfhsdf

side planks 30-45 seconds
2 x each side
u can lift your foot on top up if u want

sit ups bent legs or legs straight
hold a plate over you head with your arms straight

stabilitiy ball roll out

#3 Dani

Jackknife situps. Done properly, they will work your abs better and faster than traditional situps.
Windshield wipers are also great for working out all the different parts of your abs – upper, lower and side.

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