I do turbo jam abs and I was wondering, should I do it everyday, or alternate? Should I workout abs everyday?


#1 mapaul04

You should probably take a day off. On a day, off a day

#2 FreeFitCoach.com

You can do abs everyday if you want to. The rest is good for muscles generally but abs are actually fine to work everyday. You get the real toned abs look when you focus on your nutrition plan more than adding extra ab work.

The Turbo Jam program does work your abs in the cardio section as well so keep that in mind. Also, if you are looking for a new challenge and a real great ab workout to mix in try the “Get on the Ball” workout. It is part of the turbo jam series and uses the large balance ball. You will LOVE it!

Hope that helps!

#3 judahsma

To maximize your results, you should follow the calendar that came with the program. It was designed to help you lose weight most efficiently, and tells you which workout(s) you should do each day for 30 days.

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