i am looking for a ab workout video,does anyone know if the crunchless abs or hip hop abs is any good?

i was thinking about tryin the crunchless ab workout.Has anyone got good results from it?


#1 Bamc

hip hop abs on tv cormechial

#2 ♥Candy♥

Their crap and I can bet you won’t be able to follow them. Check youtube for ab exercises, it’s better and it’s free.

#3 Mr Bigglesworth

Crunchless ab workout is probably the silliest thing I have ever heard. Crunches are the ONLY way to work your abdominal muscles. You must lay in a supine position with your feet away from your glutes to effectively work your rectus abdominals. If your not in this position, you are working your obliques and your iliopsoas muscles.

The problem is that these so called fitness insturcters/salespeople come up with these fad exercises and have no real understanding on how the body works or have a basic knowledge of physiology or kinesiology.

Lastly abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. You can do crunches until the cows come home but unless you have a clean diet, you will never see your abs.

#4 Sunjot S

The Best Way To get Abs Is Crunches And Situps.
Trust Me On This One.
But You Wont See Abs If You Got Layers Of Fat.
Most Sites You Check Out Will Reccomend Crunches And Situps.
Good Luck to Yah!

#5 Joy Sham

I tried the hiphop abs… and honestly.. i think it’s not that bad… i could only follow 1/2 or it for its 45 mins workout… but as times go on… i can now finish the whole 45 mins work out.. it’s only the time matters :) btw, i really suggest u to get do the crunches.. and do it as one program that i watched b4 (sry.. i really couldn’t remember the name of the program) do 10 crunches everytime.. and 10 sets per day (with different style like targetiing ur left abs and then right abs..etc).. and u won’t get 2 tried about it and it’s more easy to keep doing it everyday… my experience told me u probably see the result within 1 week…

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