I am a skinny guy, what can I do to gain muscle in my arms and get abs? How should I workout and eat?


#1 Jammie J

well, for starters consult a doctor and see what he informs you to do but muscle stimulants if your parents approve and lifting weights can help

#2 lost likea puppet withoutstrings

workout with high weight level and low reps
eat few carbs lots of protein and a little bit of veggies

#3 * Deep Thought *

Pasta, potatoes, breads, and dairy… you can eat that to gain mass…. carbs. carbs, carbs…

As far as workout… no cardio is needed right now.
Just weight lifting, moderate to heavy weight, lot of reps.

Muscles build when body is resting.

Atlernate work outs… Monday and Wednesday arms
Tuesday and Thursday legs…

#4 Princess Pink

go to a health food shop and ask them they will have a shake or vitamins that can help you

#5 Zach H

you would have to talk to your doctor and personal trainer becuase every body is different. but i would reccomend meat and potatoes to build muscle mass, that’s what my weightlifting coach told us.

#6 destineecaffrey

you should eat & eat & eat and get fat and then when u get fat then u work out and then youll have big muscles and all of the sexy ladys will be just hanging all over you


drink protein shake, eat alot of carbs, ummm….. eat when ur about to go to sleep and youll gain fat mass


you can pay thousands and thousand of dollars and get implants in you arm legs and buttex lol… which i hope u can wait and do it the right way and i do have faith in u ….

#7 Lacieles

Same like you too, but I worked my abs by sitting crunch.
For arms, I used the rowing machine.
Eat more carbs (especially rice) and protein.
If you don’t mind beef, then take beef.
If not (I don’t take beef), then take duck meat.

#8 cutie

Read some very effective muscle building tips on this site to help you with it

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