How to Play Professional Basketball : Basketball Ab Workout Tips

So you want to be a great basketball player? Check out this free basketball warm up video and learn some tips from our pro. Expert: Curtis Carter Bio: Curtis Carter has worked at the (NAIA) Myers University Spring Basketball Camp for kids in Cleveland, Ohio. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


#1 DemonXY2J

You need to tense your abs too as you are doing this

#2 alana7161

U don’t have to be tall I’m really short and I play

#3 sexykatie90

expertvillage my msn in profile! How to Play Professional Basketball : Basketball Ab Workout Tips

#4 helpogrowth

I have free working tips to grow taller add me !

#5 bpenn1000

My coach makes us put our hand behind our head. He said it makes us hurt more

#6 TheLeilisa

i was short dead short thanks to “Helpo Growth Formula ”
im now tall

#7 brocktherock68


#8 chris71388

@alittlegirllovesyou would you like a cookie?

#9 SFO14

“put your hands under your butt to give yourself some balance.” or to cheat the exercise and make it easier.

#10 EliasJordan3

where’s the smile?

#11 magnet64

this workout hurts me a little but my abs aren’t exactly up to snuff

#12 69amdirk69

i play basketball and this workout hurts. so, u are doing wrong

#13 alittlegirllovesyou

i am a girl, and i play basketball, yeah :D
this doesnt hurt at that all :D
i dont think that this hurts.
for me, its normal and easy, maybe its because i am playing baskeyball too.

#14 TheDunkmanone

that is hard i play basketball and that is F***ING hurts

#15 soonerman94


#16 nick20bean21

this was terible he needs to stop making videos of workouts the whole world aready knows and its called six inches


#17 pedja60

well maybe his not a Michael Jordan but he knows what to do, and i dont think you could do it for 1min

#18 WMcDerm10

dude this gay is a fucking retarded

hes not even doing it rite

and on another video he missed 2 lay ups

#19 tiboboufsteph

At my school we call it the alphabet


good workout

#21 Semaj2332

lol we call it 6 inches at my skool

#22 numjik

yeah i remember i used to do this at kickboxing it fucking hurts

#23 madjimmy3


#24 myhouseintl

I’ll pass! I’ll sit this one out

#25 rauno1996

i do it for 3,2min and im 12years old

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