How to get big abs: what kind of workout is good? what to eat… etc.?

I’m looking for a good answer that will have my abs grow ;)
food, excersises, idea’s or something that will eventually give me good abs.

i’m writing this as i dont think situps will do the job singlehandedly for me…

advises much appreciated!


#1 Lily

o, first of all, most people already have a six pack underneath their stomach fat, so doing all abs, all the time will not single handedly give u a six pack. try doing this work out
1. goblet squat
2. mountain climber
3. single armed dumbell swing
4. t-pushup
5. split jump
6. dumbell row
7. dumbell side lunge and touch
8. pushup position row
9. dumbel lunge and rotation
10. push press
u should rest 15 seconds b/w each exersise, 2 minutes after finishing whole thing. do curcuit 3 times.
this will strip away fat from your midsection. Keep doing a good abs working, and dont pig out, and ull b on a fast track to ur six pack

#2 Tyler

Sorry I don’t know.

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