How To Get a Flat Stomach without Crunches!

In this summer beach body video, learn how to get a flat stomach fast with no crunches starring Wendie Pett! Download this video for less than a buck! Watch it at home on your TV! Get a complete body transformation with our other bikini body workout videos featuring celebrity trainer Valerie Waters – Get Flat Abs – Bikini Body Ready! Check Out Video! Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- Twitter Facebook: iTunes:


#1 kittyneema

Its just a mini crunch standing up just less effective

#2 jazmineloveszyou


#3 hereforthemusic93

my ears are bleeding

#4 MMArtist99

I don’t know why anyone would follow a nutrition program that isn’t customized to their body type. Anyone who wants to lose weight should be following the “Fat Loss Customized” program..


People are making nutrition and losing weight much more confusing than it should be. I think that program is the only one that targets the nutrition plans specifically to YOU.

Check it out and thank me for the recommendation later LOL

#5 kissntellen

this bitch dosent know shit she’s talking about. if getting a flat stomach is as easy as breathing, obesity would’nt be a problem in america.

#6 MysticFall101

@daaaancingqueeeen IKR LMFAO!!!

#7 MysticFall101

oh and even though its past midnight happy b-day Pauly D. idk how to spell his name

#8 MysticFall101

OMG my friend waz SUCH a fat girl but she tried this breathing thing 4 2 years now and she is SKINNY. she is like skinny er then me so thats how we know this works! LMFAO!!!

#9 MrBassinn

lmo i lost 14 ibs in plame old bootcamp

#10 ParaParaQueen101

@twilightcrazyfan25 Ohhh, I see now. That makes alot more sense lol

#11 alexandra7408

@1kaseyy hahaha lol ikr

#12 lexigirl1026

thats great! but i was wondering how i could get smaller thighs , and smaller looking hips.

#13 lppaapagh34

how long do you do this for

#14 twilightcrazyfan25

@ParaParaQueen101 they’re called stomach vaccums, a lot of fitness experts use these in their workouts, it targets ab muscles that are rarely worked. It does work, but not just by itself.

#15 daaaancingqueeeen

Alright I just looked like a freaking idiot trying to do this.

#16 mscplearnaeu

@ParaParaQueen101 actually this video is only half correct but what theyre trying to do is develop the deeper stomach muscles underneath your abs to bring your stomach in from when its “hanging out” there’s an easy breathing excercise old bodybuilders used to do to get there stomach to go in and look a lot thinner, just look it up online.

#17 MissCracker14

hahha, shes no fitness expert, shes an old lady. ;)

#18 sodaluvar

sweiously is her stomach contracting ? can she at least pull up her shirt alittle ?

#19 T3V4

@RowkingL 1 day and 29 likes, huh? and all you did was post an address? guess what, i think you’re fake! now GET LOST!

#20 RowkingL

I lost 17 lbs last month following a free weight loss guide at if any1 is interested… Losing weight is not that hard once you know what you’re doing

#21 ppreeslleyy

@GluttonForSex you can’t really generalize entire races like that. “white” isn’t even a race.

#22 abduhosein

I lost 17 lbs last month following a free weight loss guide at if any1 is interested…

#23 zenu3494


#24 yupyup3681

gay! all i got was light headed! thanks

#25 yupyup3681


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