How often should you workout on your abs?

every alternative days/ every day??


#1 piggylooks

Why exercise? You’re just going to die!

#2 A Day To Remember

Alternate days..

#3 Kylie G

Alternate days. :)

#4 ☻Deelight☻

Everyday. Those are muscles that need to be worked out to look good.

#5 Jean B

i work them every day at the gym…so 4 times a week

#6 fun 'n da sun!

i’m thinking everyday

#7 Semper Fi

Depends on what your goals are and how much work needs to be done.

#8 missy210

At least 4 times a week

#9 chantelle ツ

2 times a day

#10 Crystrue

once a year :)


every single day.

i dedicate at least an hour to it. haha.
gotta look good for the ladies.

#12 hope-marie


#13 Elanshaw

Every other day.

#14 dogtrainer89

alternative days

#15 Anthony G.

i do every other day

#16 ♥Anna Colby♥

Maybe everyday or once every two days. At the very least once a week.

#17 Crazy Mike

I do 60 sit ups every night but it isn’t much because I still have a tum tum.

#18 kassidi_johnson

Every other day. The day you work out, it tears the muscle, and then the next day it heals, and the day you work out, the muscle tears again, ect ect… then you will see that your muscles slowly but surely get bigger.

#19 This Is What Spoiled Looks Like!

However long it takes until you get the result you want. Whenever you can I guess.

#20 snoıbɐʇuoɔ hello!

It depends on how intense your workout is. If it’s a really high intensity, only every other day. If it’s moderate, it’s ok to do it every day. The reason for alternating workout days is that you risk injuring your muscles if you don’t let them rest.

#21 Asian Joey:Dan's best friend

Alternative, unless you really want them and to stress out your body..I recomend every other day.

Here’s how I got mine: Exercise and eating right.

I did 20 crutched every other day and I got my abs in 3 months…:):(Good luck

#22 ツ ♥Silly♥Goose♥

i like to be trim and toned

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