How many times a week do i have to workout to see some good results (biceps,triceps,abs)?

I used to train every day for 6 months and i achieved something but it’s not all that impressive.


#1 Johnny A

any time you can, you have to keep working at it and show perseverance to do anything. take 1/2 an hour out of your day to focus on strength work, and continue to add more weights, more load etc.

#2 Lyla A

Sometimes even though you may workout everyday, depending on which type of work outs you are doing can effect how your body will turn out. You could try watching some exersize DVDs that are specifically for that area you want to work on. One example is called TurboAbs. If it specifically for your abs, but also works out your whole body. I have used it and it is pretty effective.
Also, you may need to work out longer that 6 months. It just depends on how your body is able to loose weight and gain muscle.
Good Luck!

#3 nav r

do more intense workouts, do an hour sessions, and work the muscles to exhaustion. take 1 day break.
knock back the protien.

#4 brock

5 days of lifting a week
5 days of cardio a week
and make sure u take one day off a week of just relaxing

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