how many days a week should I workout? like cardio weightlifting and abs?

Im going to start working out to gain some muscle weight while burning fat to get abs and i need to know what days of the week should i workout upper body and what days lower body and I know i can do abs everyday right? also would like to know how long should i do cardio? also wodering how long in estimate it might take me to get a six pack? i have a size 28 pant size(im a guy lol)


#1 airwolfviper03

just plain cardio 5 a week

if you are wt training 3-4 a wk
the time off is just as important as the lifting as it gives your muscles time to heal and grow

you should start to see a decent 6 pk in 3-6 wks

#2 Lovely Brwn

At least 3-4 days a week. Do about 20 minutes of cardio and then move on to your weights.

Also, since you’re trying to build muscle, I believe it’s best to do fewer reps with heavier weights, and you’re right you should work on your abs everyday. Abs are easy to get if you work on them, but they’re easy to loose too so you gotta keep it up. Good luck! =)

#3 +sharingan+

if you want a six pack do it every day

#4 kristinelawrence

DO cardio 5 times a week for at least 30 mins. Then weight train every other day. I do my whole body everyother day along with 45 mins of cardio. If you dont wait a day in between training days, your muscles wont have time to recover, you would risk hurting yourself. THIS INCLUDES ABS

#5 nereyda g

you should work out 5 days a week and about 15 minutes and up to work out

#6 Mike W

cardio 5 days a week but for weightlifting work one muscle group a day

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