How long will it take to develop abs?

I’m trying to lose weight and get some abs, I’m a girl so I don’t need lots of abs.
If I work really hard with abs workout, lets say 400 abs a day for a month and half..Will I see a difference? What other things I should be doing to get abs too?
I weigh 66kg and I’m 162 long, I don’t have much tummy fat, just a tiny one! All my fats are in my thighs


#1 Meagan P

well first of all, it may take awhile for you to see results, depends on how much you are working out and what you are doing, you have to workout your WHOLE tummy sides and lower back. also it all depends how much fat you have… can tell you in a month because for all we know you could be 5′2” and 450 lbs

#2 Cervix Janitor

no no NO NO NO NO!!! You don’t do 400 abs on a row. If you can you’re doing them wrong.
Do a few sets of 8-20 reps. It should be really hard. If you can do them easily use weight plates so you do less. Also, if you want to SEE the abs, you’ll have to remove the fat with cardio and good nutrition.

#3 William Wallace

To get a really good six pack it takes real focus and determination. Drinking water (I drink maybe about 72 oz. daily) will help you lose fat covering your abs by making you fuller and not eating too much. Start doing full body workouts pinpointing major muscle groups (squats especially) and cardio (jumping rope, jogging) to burn fat. But don’t expect results super soon and give up quickly. It will take time. And of course good nutrition.

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