How Long Should A 15 Year Old Workout For?

I Spend 30 minutes on my Abs a day and a 6 minute workout for the butt and legs every single day. I really dont think this is enough…I also have 2 hours of gym a week but its really not as good as the 30 minute Abs workout. Oh and I’m a girl…


#1 Stace

Sounds like you’re doing very well with your exercises. It’s important to get cardiovascular exercise but you should clarify with your doctor how much is appropriate based on your overall health.

#2 A.M.O.

You need 20-30 minutes of cardio daily. Try jogging.

#3 tajesh b

It sounds fine really, but what you’re doing sounds like toning – if you do the gym, you should go for frequent 1/2 hour visits instead and bust your butt in those sessions. Whist you’re at the gym, do lots of cardio treadmilling (but if your knees hurt STOP), crosstrainer (ditto) and rowing is the best really because it does your legs and abs. Try and get around 200 calories burnt per 1/2 hour session. Do your current routine at home for “maintenance”.

#4 nik named mom

Let me start by saying I mean this well, with good intent.
Your workout is more than enough for anyone except perhaps performance athletes.
Unless you are in training for something and your coach is telling you different, you are fine. Maybe even a bit excessive?
This is a good question for your health teacher at school.
Too little body fat can hinder the growth of the reproductive system, among other systems.
I do not know your circumstance, I only say this so you are aware to be healthy is not necessarily to be as lean as possible. Lean is beautiful when it is healthy.
Be safe, and be blessed.

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