how long does it take to get abs with the insanity workout program?

im a skinny and pretty fit girl and i run a lot but i need something new for a workout


#1 Max H

depends on what your body looks like now, if your skinny average person than maybe a couple weeks, if your a lil overweight give it a month or so before you see some good results.
best answer plz

#2 Pro

along time over a year

#3 BabeHart

.The program is a 60 day program…however, don’t expect to go from jello-body to ripped in only 60 days. If you work hard, you can get decent abs in a few months. I’m going through P90X for the 3rd time (since Jan of 09) and I never got defined abs…just toned up a bit. The people in the infomercials got their body from programs other than or in addition to the one being advertised. It takes more than 60 days to get a good body….but it’s a good start!

#4 vee

probably awhile
you should have at least a standard exercise easy for you to do everyday so at least you’ll be fine.

#5 minootoo

Go for regular work out.

Abdominal exercise are on the Internet and in the books in the store and library so find them and do them regularly for 30 minutes each and every day, see the results (some improvement) in 4 week. Because every one has 6 packs or 8 packs, they are just not visible because they are under a layer of Tummy fat, so they will be visible when you loose some fat in the cuts, the cut shows up in few weeks, even though the fat is still there and all of it takes much longer to work off.

Make sure to include total body free hand weight free workout. Also eat a little less and do little more. Eat balance diet per your required calories minus 500 calories per day base on your activity level, body frame, your goal weight and present height. Go slow but just do it if you foul up do not stop start the program very next day. Keep track of total calories for the week so you can enjoy an party once in a blue moon but make sure to make up starting very next day or soon, by reducing the intake a little. Never go below 1200 calories per day on any given day. Slow and steady wins the race try, try try till you succeed.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour, you can get out only what you put in any way.

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