How efficient is it working out abs over those big balls?

I did some abs over those big balls that are available in gyms (i think they use them to do pilates as well) but I’ve seen you can do much more exercises there.. like abs.. but how more efficient is it do workout abs over those balls?


#1 Tracie

I don’t have an expert opinion, but it seems to me that the balls take some of the stress out so that you can work your abs more efficiently.

#2 Brady

Doing ab crunches on an exercise ball works out not just the front ab muscles but also the side and deep ab muscles and lower back because it forces you to use these muscles to balance. While doing ab crunches on a decline board focuses on the front ab and helps build their size, using an exercise fall focuses on size and definition. If you’re looking for a toned six pack and only doing one ab exercise, I recommended the exercise ball. If you’re doing a group of 3 ab exercises, crunches on the exercise ball, crunches on a decline bench, and working your obliques through either twist crunches or on a Roman chair would be a great combo.

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